The Family and Cap Gun Collective  are thrilled to announce Daniel Benmayor  to our crew! Not only has Daniel worked with brands such as Schick, Mercedes and Pirelli, but his newest feature film “Tracers” is set to release in theaters on May 20th. WELCOME DANIEL. We can’t wait to see what’s in store.




Rock The Vote…asks what are you going to turn out for this election? Global Warming Reform? Gun Control? Marriage Equality? Whatever the reason, Lil John and his famous friends want to make sure you’re registered to rock the vote. Trish Fuller of Whitehouse Post has joined the bandwagon, and it’s time to spread the word–Midterm Elections are November 4th. This spot’s gone viral and it’s time to catch up on the hype at BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, NYPost, Rolling Stone and USA Today.





Shape Your Time

Ready to be amazed? The ever-talented Bruno Aveillan of Believe Media leaves a lasting impression in this artful piece that radiates the luxuriousness and timeless nature of Cartier. This short is simply stunning–Bruno captures the essence of opulence so effortlessly that each individual part of the timepiece comes together in a sleek and seductive manner. Looking for more inspiration? This spot mirrors Bruno’s original Cartier short, L’Odyssee de Cartier.



Hilarity Ensues with Sam Puglise-Kipley

Sam Puglise-Kipley of Whitehouse Post is cooking up some profanity in Thug Kitchen for their new cookbook, “Thug Kitchen Cookbook.” Sam’s spot on edits “cut through the bullsh*t” and highlight the high-volume of sarcasm that makes fun of the pretentious nature of healthy eaters. Instead, it’s time to make some life changing choices and “Eat Like You Give A F*ck.” Check out some great mentions on AdFreak, Ads Of The World,  CoCreate, Creativity Online, LLBO, Shots and  Tastefully Offensive…laughter to follow.



Age Of The Selfies

Whitehouse Post editor Ethan Mitchell captures the self absorbed and almost mindless nature of two young millennials with his eye opening cuts in the Vs. Magazine short film featuring Kirsten Dunst. Ethan’s ability to capture people in their natural element truly shines light on the influence of social media and lack of interaction in the “Age of the Selfies.” Be sure to check out this highly received spot on Ads of the World,  Advertolog, Creativity Online, LBBO, Refinery 29 and The Independent. 


Watch Where You’re Going

It’s time to buckle your seatbelt because Barking Owl’s “Waltz” track will leave you in a daze. The harmonic music and soothing melodies draw you in and it’s no wonder the music makes you forget you’re driving in this Subaru spot from creatives at Carmichael Lynch. Read some of the recent press at AgencySpy.




Imaginary Forces Takes A Dive

The ever-talented Joan Lau of Imaginary Forces  shows off her extraordinary artistic capabilities in the main-on-end title sequence for Dolphin Tale Two. Joan hand drew these breathtaking and illustrative drawings that capture the majestic and vast nature of the ocean. If you can’t catch the movie in theaters, make sure to check out Joan’s spot below…it will be sure to reel you in.


Turn Up The Beat

On the hunt for a new type of exercise? Well, Barking Owl takes Zumba to the next level in this highly motivating and viral spot brought to you by creatives at 180LA. Barking Owl’s sound design radiates positive energy and inspires you to move to the beat–You might just jump out of your chair and start dancing. Read more of the rave reviews on Creativity Online,  Street Insider and  Yahoo! Finance.



The Party Doesn’t Stop Here

Cap Gun Collective‘s Matt Miller knows how to “Play On” in this ingeniously hilarious spot for The Hartford brought to you by Rodger Townsend. Matt really knows how to lighten up an office setting with his quirky and spirited humor. It’s time to click away on each music genre…the spot is interactive! Also, make sure to read some of the notable write ups on Ad Age and Shots. 



The Boy Who Beeps

Barking Owl is at it AGAIN in another spot for GE brought to you by creatives at BBDO. This visually stunning spot wouldn’t be the same without Barking Owl’s lighthearted and whimsical sound design that truly brings the story of a boy’s ability to communicate with machines to life. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Barking Owl’s previous work for GE including, “Childlike Imagination” and “What Would Happen.” “The Boy Who Beeps” is also featured on Ads Of The World, AdWeek, Agency Spy, Creativity Online and LBBO.