Google Gets You Going

Barking Owl’s sound design packs some punch and brings a ton of energy in this Google Play spot from BBH LA. The music helps amplify the feeling of excitement and nostalgia you share from recognizing some of your favorite movies, both old and new, playing classic video games or rockin’ out to your favorite artist. The intensity of the beat is contagious and builds on the enthusiasm we all have for “playing our heart out.” Whether it’s with minions or Bowie, Google Play has got you covered.


Changing Lanes with Barking Owl

Barking Owl helps amp up these beautifully done spots for Honda from RPA with their original sound and music design.  The musical timing is effortless–and helps show the strong connection people feel to their cars. Finding the right car is the “start of something special.”

The cutting edge, yet fluidly executed camera techniques used in the making of these spots are reflected with the ease of amazing musical composition. You can read more about “Anderson’s Accord” at Shoot Online, as it made Top Spot of the Week.


9/11 Remembered

Here are two new compelling and touching works from Imaginary Forces for the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.  The pair are Adweek’s Ad of the Day because of  the “simple but powerful” way they effectively convey the raw emotion we all feel when reflecting on this solemn historic moment.


Buzzin’ Around with Rob Pritts (and Grumpy Cat!)

Backyard’s resident funny guy, Rob Pritts, catapults Cheerio’s iconic and long standing spokesperson, Buzz the Bee, right off the cereal box and into America’s heart with this comedic spot created by Saatchi & Saatchi NY…. which has gone mad viral. Why? Because it stars another pop culture icon… the internet favorite feline phenom, GRUMPY CAT, in his television commercial debut.


The chemistry between Buzz the Bee and Grumpy Cat is so electric the spot’s made  Adweek’s Ad of the Day! You can also catch some more of the good buzz in AdAgeAds of the WorldAgencySpyBusiness InsiderLLBOnlineMashableMedia Post NewsUproxx and the Washington Post! It even helped Grumpy Cat gained 26.5k likes on on his Instagram fanpage, @RealGrumpyCat! You’d think with this kind of press even Grumpy Cat would be happy.



Roderick Fenske Brings Some Bite to Chex Mix

Dapper’s Roderick Fenske puts his signature spin on these very funny spots for Chex Mix for McCann NY. With so many Chex Mix options, sometime you just cannot choose which snack to use, airight? This spot will help you.


YouTube Direkt

And isn’t it so annoying when you open up a bag of your favorite snack for your 3pm pick me up and WHAMMO… everyone else in the office gets a whiff of your Chex and comes running to get in on the action?  Sometimes you have to be a little clandestine to get your Chex Mix fix. This spot will help you too.


Anthony Mandler Ventures “Into The Unknown”

In a rare look at some of the most remote places on earth, Anthony Mandler of Believe Media takes us on an intimate journey with his close friend David Beckham as he and his entourage journey through the rain forests of Brazil.  Mandler, who partnered with BBC Worldwide and Showtime to create this feature documentary, chronicles this life changing Amazonian adventure in this captivating piece. This is a rare opportunity to see not only some of the most isolated areas of the world, but Beckham’s personal pilgrimage so deep into the jungle that one of the most internationally recognizable faces in today’s culture was unknown to the tribes they encountered. The film debuted on Showtime at the opening of the World Cup, check your local listings for airings and on demand availability.  Here is a great interview with Beckham on his experience from the BBC  and the trailer below!




Cap Gun Collective breaks through the atmosphere with an out of this world commercial for Actimel. Director Ivan Grbovic‘s visually stunning and dramatically clever misdirect tells us why we should DEFINITELY make sure we start each day right by eating the right yogurt for breakfast…it could make the difference between one giant step for mankind, or one very embarrassing blunder. This spot is also featured on Shots and Creativity Online!



Union Brings Back a Lion!

A HUGE congratulations to Union Editorial and Jim Haygood for bringing his editorial prowess to a Cannes Silver Lion winner this year! Haygood had the opportunity to work on this amazing creative with Deutsch LA in Volkswagen’s  viral video, “Feeling Carefree,” that was inspired everyone’s favorite 80s music video, A-ha’s “Take On Me”.  This super fun concept won an award for use and integration of printed content in the Branded Content and Entertainment Category. You can read more about this phenomenal accolade in Adweek, Creativity Online and Campaign Brief!


Cannes You BELIEVE It!

We are so proud to announce that Derin Seale of Believe Media, in his partnership with Clemenger BBDO, has won THREE Lions at Cannes!  Derin’s powerful, emotionally stirring and visually captivating work for the New Zealand Transport Agency brings home the message of how precious life is and what a difference a moment can make.



YouTube Direkt


We’re not the only ones that took notice of how incredible this work is. After winning the Golden Pencil at this year’s ONE Show it comes as no surprise that the spot took home the Bronze for Script, Silver for Director and Gold for Film!  Here is a wonderful interview SourceECreative has done with Derin on his process in helping curate such an effective campaign. Congratulations to Derin and the whole Believe team!



Making Some Noise with Peeps!

Union Editorial’s ever talented Lawrence Young is at it again!  Peeps Minis, with creative from The Terri & Sandy Solution, urge you to celebrate every day.  Whether its National Teddy Bear Picnic Day (July 10th this year!) or the long standing tradition of Take Your Pants for a Walk Day on July 27th, Peeps Minis have got you covered.  We cannot wait for these super funny spots to air July 22nd.




Until then, you can read about them in The New York Times and find your excuse to celebrate every day with some Peeps Minis here!