Blood, Sweat, Tears

Believe Media and Whitehouse Post channel your inner badass, motivating you to “Be The Baddest” in this 60-second film for Nike+ Footlocker with creatives from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.  Anthony Mandler of Believe Media captures Kevin Durant’s spirit with the ability to reveal the strength, endurance and determination a player has for the game. At the same time, Whitehouse Post‘s Stephen Dunne and Sam Gunn‘s cuts highlight the level of intensity and passion for the sport while elevating undeniable energy to the spot These three couldn’t of made a better team and if this doesn’t inspire confidence in aspiring young players, we don’t know what will. The spot gained notable mentions on Bleacher Report, Campaign Live, LBBO and Shots. 


Keeping It In The Framily

Whitehouse Post‘s Lisa Gunning and Trish Fuller  cuts capture the essence of a family, or rather Framily, with  ease in Sprint’s Framily campaign brought to you by Figliulo & Partners. Gunning and Fuller’s ability to tie in the family bond with subtle humor shows that it doesn’t matter whether your family member is a talking hamster or Nascar driver Jeff Gordon–Sprint’s got your back.

Both “Count On It” and “Spin Off” received write ups in Agency Spy, LBBO and Creative Cow. 


Peanuts, Crackerjacks and Paint

We may be partial to the Yankees but we can’t get enough of this Benjamin Moore spot featuring the Boston Redsox with creatives from The Martin Agency. Barney Miller of Whitehouse Post really hits it out of the park with his spot-on cuts that deliver passion and energy while painting the picture of the admiration true Sox fans share for their beloved landmark, The Green Monster. Shoot Online named “Bring The Monster Home,”  “The Best Work You May Never See.”

 The Fenway Collection campaign also gained notable press on AdAge, Adweek, Agency Spy and Creativity Online.


All Aboard

Pushing forward into the 4th season, Grant Lau of Imaginary Forces takes the reins for AMC’s “Hell On Wheels.” Lau’s unique vision for combining live action footage with computer-generated images paired with memorable sound design draws energy and intensity into this highly anticipated season while keeping the western spirit alive. It’s time to grab your lasso and prepare to kick up your spurs (or boots that is)–You don’t want to miss this one.



What Would Happen

Well, anything couple happen when TWO of our family members come together in another GE spot from BBDO NY. Once again, Barking Owl and original music by Brian Canning create a beautifully positioned and spirited soundscape, which builds on their previous GE spot for the Childlike Imagination campaign. The visionary cuts from Whitehouse Post editor, James Dierx, boost the lightheartedness of the spot and bring technology to life in an alluring and innovative manner. This spot is a win/win for both Barking Owl and Whitehouse Post with accolades on Creativity Online, Media Bistro and Shots. It even make this week’s Top Spot of the Week on Shoot Online.


Imaginary Forces Gets Animated

Michelle Dougherty of Imaginary Forces tackles some hard-hitting issues in this Prop41 spot for SeePolitical. With creatives from Guru Media Solution, Dougherty’s fun and lighthearted animation helps attract viewers to a political ad that might otherwise be overlooked. Stay in the loop Californians and make sure to check this spot out before the June 3rd Primary Election! It also made Shoot Online’s Summer Top 10 VFX Animation Chart and Yahoo. 



The Family Gets a New House…the Whitehouse!

This headline might lead you to believe that the President has joined our ranks.

(He has not.)


Or perhaps you might be thinking that The Family has been selected to serve on a very important Presidential sub committee or advisory board.

(We have not.)

(Though it’s not a bad idea.)


No, in fact it’s actually something much more exciting than either of those things. The Family is thrilled to announce that Whitehouse Post has joined as our newest Family Member. We are very excited to represent such an amazing brand with a long standing history of being home to exceptional talent doing exceptional work, providing exceptional service while doing it.


Just this month WHP editor and partner James Dierx completed the next wonderfully imaginative GE spot, working  in collaboration with Dante Ariola (MJZ) and fellow Family Member Barking Owl.  Other awesome WHP work airing now includes the already iconic and hilarious Sprint “Framily” campaign out of Figliulo & Partners, edited by Trish Fuller and Lisa Gunning, directed by Stacy Wall (Imperial Woodpecker) as well as Co Collective’s YouTube campaign, cut by Crandall Miller, Sam Puglise-Kipley and Brian May.


In addition to all this awesome newsworthy work, we are very pleased that we could create a pun using both company names in this headline.




The Power of Language

Lost in translation? Not anymore. Union Editorial’s Daniel Luna breaks the language barrier, urging you to savor the connections you make and “create a smaller world.” Rosetta Stone teamed up with creatives from BBDO Energy and VICE to kick start a campaign that builds on the understanding and experiences shared through learning a second language. This spot is also featured on Advertising Age, Ads of the World, LBBO, MediaBistro and The Inspiration Room.





Google Gets You Going

Barking Owl’s sound design packs some punch and brings a ton of energy in this Google Play spot from BBH LA. The music helps amplify the feeling of excitement and nostalgia you share from recognizing some of your favorite movies, both old and new, playing classic video games or rockin’ out to your favorite artist. The intensity of the beat is contagious and builds on the enthusiasm we all have for “playing our heart out.” Whether it’s with minions or Bowie, Google Play has got you covered.


Changing Lanes with Barking Owl

Barking Owl helps amp up these beautifully done spots for Honda from RPA with their original sound and music design.  The musical timing is effortless–and helps show the strong connection people feel to their cars. Finding the right car is the “start of something special.”

The cutting edge, yet fluidly executed camera techniques used in the making of these spots are reflected with the ease of amazing musical composition. You can read more about “Anderson’s Accord” at Shoot Online, as it made Top Spot of the Week.