New Family Member Alert

The Family and Imaginary Forces are proud to welcome Matt Sung to the clan!  The interactive creative director plans to  ”push the boundaries of visual and interactive design” and we’re excited to see him do just that.  The industry at large is keeping their eyes on this guy too.  Just check out his mention in Shoot Online and SourceEcreative.  Welcome to the Family, Matt, we’re excited to have you!

Girls Can!

If someone told us that girls can’t be kick-ass reps then we wouldn’t be the Family we are today.  But girls can, and thanks to Eric Argiro at Union Editorial, Covergirl is reminding us all of that empowering message.  With a star studded ensemble of powerful women, Covergirl sent a message to the world during the closing Olympic ceremonies and Shoot Online has it on their front page.  From a Family full of women, take it from us, girls definitely can!

Black Sails

With shows like Game of Thrones and American Horror Story known for their opening title credits, you have to produce something stellar to stand out from the crowd.  Imaginary Forces has done just that with their new work on Black Sails.  These credits are so cool you don’t even have to know a thing about the show to want to watch it.  We are blown away by the work Karin Fong and Michelle Dougherty painstakingly put forth.  This is an absolute must watch!


Barking Owl - GE Image

Imagination at Work

We’ll be the first to say that this GE spot is unbelievably visually stunning.  But it wouldn’t be nearly the same without the original music by Barking Owl.  The whimsical tone makes this spot feel more like a childhood fairytale than your run-of-the-mill commercial.  We could watch this spot over and over again, and we think you’ll want to too.

They Like Us!

SourceEcreative has not one but TWO Family Members on their latest newsletter!  Recognizing Jono Griffith from Union for his stellar editing work on Kia’s Super Bowl spot, and Spooner/Bonde from Cap Gun Collective for their outstanding directing job on US Bank’s latest.  Be sure to read more about the pieces here and check out the spots below.

Pay Your TV Bill!

Jesper Ericstam has such a way of creating a charming, subtly quirky story in just a couple of minutes (the Swedish countryside as his backdrop doesn’t hurt).  The Backyard director puts his trademark stamp on this spot and the adorable nationwide game of telephone makes it so you could watch it over and over again.

Tomas Mankovsky - Cadbury Image

Free the Joy

Tomas Mankovsky’s new spot for Cadbury literally makes us want to jump through our screen and into this commercial.  The Cap Gun Collective director managed to create such a fun spot that it just makes you smile from start to finish.  Oh, and race out to go try a Cadbury Egg ‘n’ Spoon!

No Contract

A lot of sports fans have wondered what the future holds for Tim Tebow.  A man with his own verb (Tebowing) has no contract and apparently that’s a good thing.  Without a contract with T-Mobile, Tebow can deliver babies, ride bulls, and save puppies, set to the masterful sound design by Barking Owl.


Way to Go!

Every touchdown deserves a Coke.  Especially if you’ve just run across all of Green Bay to Lambeau Field, like this spot’s football hero, Adrian.  Barking Owl did the sound design on this ad featuring House of Pain’s “Jump Around” and the infectious hook puts us in just the right mood for Sunday’s big game.

Super Bowl Ready

The Super Bowl is around the corner and if you can’t make it to the toboggan run in Herald Square, get into the festivities with one of the first officially leaked commercials.  Jono Griffith from Union Editorial cut together this Matrix-themed spot for Kia.  It’s a fun spoof on the iconic film franchise and the launch of Kia’s first luxury vehicle.  Agency Spy got in on the action, reviewing the spot before the 60 second version airs on Sunday.  Go Broncos, go Seahawks, and go Jono!!